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Here’s To Being Horizontal!!!!!

I’ve been going up on my dosage and the last few times I really haven’t felt all that bad. I’m stupid excited.  Things are finally starting to feel somewhat normal for me.  This could possibly fall under that TMI category but I actually took a shower today and when I got out I realized that I didn’t once think about how much I hated the tube that’s attached to me 24/7.  Go figure!!!!

I feel like the medicine is starting to help. Dr. Bartolome told me that it was going to be a hard few months.  I’ve made it 3 months so far.  Go me!  Right?  Anyhoo, short story long…we had a mouse.  I know, I know~~BUT notice that I said HAD.  My dad set traps and the other night a boy child runs into my room hyperventilating.  I ran upstairs~~notice that I said RAN.  Once I got up there I kind of realized that I wasn’t huffing and puffing like I normally would.  Mouse is gone and everyone is still alive.  We’re hoping that he doesn’t have buddies.


Fingers crossed…


3 responses to “Here’s To Being Horizontal!!!!!

  1. Mom ⋅

    I’m so darn proud of you.

  2. I am SO happy to hear that evil medicine might finally be doing it’s job and leveling off on the side effects. Yay back ‘not horrible’! Let’s hope!

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