Every so often I get to meet up with one of my absolute most favorites friends.  She makes Cracker Barrel breakfasts more fun that one person should be allowed to have.  More often than not it ends up with a thrift store trip.  We can spend hours going up and down the aisles, laughing at each other and saying “surely someone didn’t actually wear this.”

We had a great time yesterday.  I got my baby fix from the sweetest chubby cheeked baby ever.  I found a poodle skirt that looked extremely lonely and begged to come home with me.  Then there was this…


We were kicking around the idea of tackling the owner and stealing plastic Jesus.

Probably not the MOST Christian thing to do.


Here’s To Being Horizontal!!!!!

I’ve been going up on my dosage and the last few times I really haven’t felt all that bad. I’m stupid excited.  Things are finally starting to feel somewhat normal for me.  This could possibly fall under that TMI category but I actually took a shower today and when I got out I realized that I didn’t once think about how much I hated the tube that’s attached to me 24/7.  Go figure!!!!

I feel like the medicine is starting to help. Dr. Bartolome told me that it was going to be a hard few months.  I’ve made it 3 months so far.  Go me!  Right?  Anyhoo, short story long…we had a mouse.  I know, I know~~BUT notice that I said HAD.  My dad set traps and the other night a boy child runs into my room hyperventilating.  I ran upstairs~~notice that I said RAN.  Once I got up there I kind of realized that I wasn’t huffing and puffing like I normally would.  Mouse is gone and everyone is still alive.  We’re hoping that he doesn’t have buddies.


Fingers crossed…

I’m Baaaaaaack!!!!!

I’ve been gone.  Lots to report and I promise to be better.  Our only computer was waaaaay upstairs and I haven’t been getting up there much.  BUT the hubs got me my very own laptop that I don’t have to share or nothin’ so I’ll be posting more and more.

In November I had to get a port put in my chest so I could be on 24 hour IV medication.  Good times…good times…

No.  Not really.

It’s been hard, really hard.  Much harder than I expected, actually.  I’ll get used to the port AND the medication.  There are so many side effects.  They literally start at the top of my head and go to my feet.  I’m tough.  I know I am…I just have to remember that.

Tonight’s Rant


Tyvaso.  Just ONE of my current medications.  14 breaths 4 x a day. Yeah, I know.  That’s a lot of puffin’ folks.

Is it working?  Apparently not.  Why?  Who knows?  Am I handling this well? No.  No I’m not.  I’m pissed!

I know I’m supposed to say that God won’t give me more than I can handle but nuh uh…my plate is full.  Hell, my plate was full before all of this started.  I kind of just want to look up and say “what did I do to irritate you?”  I’ve always tried to be a good person.  Perfect child…except that Minor in Possession which totally wasn’t my fault…a good wife, mother, sister, Mimi, friend…the list could go on.  I know I’m not without fault, without sin…but DAMN!  I’m sick of the breathlessness, the chest pains, the blue lips, riding that FUCKING scooter in stores—except Costco.  Costco scooters haul butt.  Wait.  I also don’t really mind that there’s always some 80 year old fart that’s willing to reach the chicken bouillon on the top shelf for me.  God forbid that I would actually lift my butt up off of the seat.  Okay!  I feel better.  There’s one for the Pros column.

I sorta feel better.  Sort of.  I might even think about being chipper tomorrow.

Maybe.  Possibly.

This is me…

Here I am.  My first blog about me…about my life…and about my health (which kind of sucks right now).  Beware.  I have a tendency to have a sailor mouth.  You have been warned.

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension about a year ago.  It took, like, forever. I was ready to start shoving inhalers up doctor’s you-know-what’s and if I heard Exercised Induced Asthma again I was going to blow.

It started with co-workers saying “honey, your lips are blue.”  Apparently blue isn’t my color. It was all downhill from there.